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Easy Techniques to Keep Your Jewelry Sparkling

Jewelry is a sign of class and prestige. From the start of history, it has been worn by both men and women. Women celebrate their womanhood by decorating themselves with different types of jewelry. 

The more precious metal a woman carries on her body, the more beautiful and classy she is considered to be. Well, time is a true enemy. A dazzling and sparking jewel can sparkle for five years. But after ten years, it starts to lose its sparkle. 

Fear not anymore, because we are about to provide you with the easy techniques to keep your jewelry sparkling. 

  1. Handle with care:

The first point to keep your jewelry sparkling is to handle it with care. Handling with care means daily care. 

  • Take off your jewelry while swimming, exercising, or showering. 
  • Take off your jewelry while washing your face with soap, because soap is harsh to metals. 
  • Don’t wear your favorite jewels before the application of lotion, as it can also impact the color of metals.
  • Develop a habit of cleaning your jewelry with a soft cloth to remove dust and makeup.
  1. Power of Bubbles:

If you want to do some deep cleaning of your metals, dip them in the soap water. Here are some techniques to wash your jewels according to the metal type.

  • Gold and Platinum: Fill a bowl with warm water and add some mild dishwashing soap to it. Put your gold and platinum jewelry in the soap water and let it rinse for 10-15 minutes. 

By using a toothbrush, clean the intricate details of your jewelry. Wash it with clean water and wipe it with a soft fiber cloth.

  • Silver: Take a bowl with aluminum foil and fill it with warm water and a teaspoon of baking soda. Add your silver jewelry and see how the tarnish goes away! Wash it well with clean water and wipe it with a soft cloth.
  1. Professional Cleaning:

For heavily tarnished pieces of metal and jewels, consider professional cleaning. In professional cleaning, you have to consult the best jewelers in your area. 

Jewelers have the best equipment to clean the jewelry. They use sound waves to slowly clean the dirt and rust of the jewelry. Professional cleaning is best in case you want special care for your jewelry. Many notable jewelry stores offer cleaning services to their clients. 

  1. Store Like a Pro:

Storing your jewelry well is also a key technique to keep the sparkle of your jewelry. Here are some tips:

  • Store your jewels in a jewelry box. The velvety fabric inside the boxes helps prevent scratches and tangles.
  • Try to store your metals separately. Keep gold jewels separate from silver. Keeping all the jewels in the same box causes them to tarnish.
  • If you want to take extra care of your jewels, try to keep them in zip-lock bags. It keeps them from air and moisture and prevents them from losing shine. 

By following these easy techniques, you can ensure the safety of your jewels for the long term to tell marvelous stories to future generations.

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